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Streaming Video Transmission​

Fundo Branco com Retângulos Cinzas

The Promic System adds robotic full HD cameras, with high quality zoom and automatic focus on participants through voice detection, automatic subtitle insertion and Libras option. Providing the best live streaming.​

Promic was developed exclusively for professional recordings and videoconferences, offering the most modern technology and the best cost-benefit on the market. Ensuring high-quality visibility for parliamentarians and transparency for society and voters.​

The innovative technology does not require operator intervention, in addition to enabling local recording and live transmission over the internet.​

Through the integration of video, audio and camera control equipment, it is possible to capture highly precise images, the result of the interaction between the PTZ cameras and the microphone bases.​

Extremely intuitive, Promic allows operators a series of easily configurable features. The only one with voice detection technology based on word usage. ​

When starting a speech, until the end of his narrative, the parliamentarian becomes the main highlight of the session through robotic cameras that are directed and focused on the user speaking. These, among other features, make Promic the best plenary management system in the country.​

PTZ Camera Icon
Legislative Assembly of Tocantins​
Colombo City Council​
Toledo City Council​

Benefits of the PROMIC Video System​

Extremely Sharp Images​

PTZ Camera Icon

The PTZ robotic camera has a lens that allows for clear and perfect detail of distant or small objects. Full HD quality with 20 x optical zoom.​

Greater sensitivity to light

With the Auto ICR function it is possible to automatically switch the IR cut filter settings, ensuring the highest sensitivity to light and allowing the camera to work effectively in any environment, whether light or dark.​

360° Vision​

The cameras adjust, enlarge the image, focus on the participant and move 360 degrees. All this automatically in a system that supports as many PTZ cameras as necessary.​

Detecção de Voz

Voice detection technology allows the cameras to operate automatically, thus focusing only on the user with the word, eliminating manual operations and unnecessary equipment, facilitating installation and maintenance.​

Functions Remotely Controlled via a PC​

With RS-232C and RS-422 serial interfaces, Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions, among other camera settings, can be controlled remotely via a PC. The RS-232C connection allows an extension of 15 m in length and the RS-422 connection allows an extension of up to 1200 m in length.​

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