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File and Report


Fundo branco com retângulos acinzentados

Promic's File and Report Management extracts any information stored in the system's Database. Enabling integration with process processing and document extraction.


Generation of accurate reports to enable the full presentation of documents that will be read or voted on. Providing more savings, agility and sustainability through the elimination of paper.​

You can insert texts, graphics, tables, panels, shapes, lines, shapes, images, check boxes... Create incredible layouts, define colors, text size, font, format, alignment.


The features vary according to the needs of each user, whether they are parliamentarians following internal regulations and protocols, participants in a large conference, or even a simple meeting transmitted via streaming.


All stored information can be accessed, enabling the generation of research with extreme detail, records, sub-reports and other documentary purposes.​

Fully customized, the system comes with five pre-defined reporting standards: results of prepositions, registration of sessions and their entire sequence, attendance list, registration of parliamentarians, results of quick votes.


Everything can be customized, in addition to allowing the generation of several other forms of reports depending on the level of detail that each institution seeks. It can be used by people with a little database knowledge, at the same time as it is open source to receive new increments and extremely elaborate reports through a programmer with knowledge in C#. ​

Riole, the company that manufactures Promic, offers all support, customization, updating and training, according to the needs and specificities of each institution. ​

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