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In the Promic voting system, the voting microphone bases allow the participant to log in to the system, confirm presence (quorum), vote and monitor the voting results of each project. Possibility of open or secret voting with information on the electronic panel and recording of reports.​

The panel displays all the content of the topics being read or discussed. A photograph of the parliamentarian with the speech is also displayed.​

Using a single control, it is possible to view the operating status and control all microphones in the system; start sessions, session parts, speaker time, votes, view the attendance list, among other features in a clear and intuitive design.​

At the end of the session, everything is duly recorded and the results remain available to the public present and those following on social media.​

The System offers different electronic voting models:

- Choice of Options - up to five options to choose from 1 to 5

- Yes / No

- Yes / No / Abstain

- Checklist - up to five options, with the possibility of choosing more than one option

- Note - allows you to give a note for each item​

In the Promic voting system, the authentication and login process is extremely safe and reliable, making any type of fraud or improper votes impossible. Always striving for transparency of information.​

Benefits of the Electronic Voting Panel​

Control of All System Microphones​

Easy Configuration​

Time Control Per Speaker​

Technology in an Elegant and Intuitive Design​

Easily view participants requesting the floor and release or block the microphone with just a tap.​

Configure the position of each table, chair and microphone in the plenary and have the exact location of speech requests and microphones in use.​

Start  the  speaker's  timing  with a countdown timer with automatic  microphone shutdown.​

Easily register legislative sessions, parts of the session (Short Sessions, Agenda, etc.), session speakers; propositions, indicating quorum, majority, whether it is secret or not, and other customizations to adapt to Brazilian legislation.​

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