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Fundo branco com retângulos acinzentados

The Promic plenary session automation ecosystem was developed to promote integration between conference microphone, software and PTZ camera bases.

The gooseneck conference microphones are micro-processed and high quality, configured using Promic software for speaker management. During the speech, robotic cameras are directed at the parliamentarian, using exclusive voice detection technology.

Through the bases, parliamentarians log in and confirm their presence at the beginning of the session, using the biometric reader resource. It is also through the bases that legislators make their choices during the plenary voting processes.

The full control and autonomy of the session is under the control of the President of the Chamber. With the Promic software it is possible to start the speaker time, allow the speaking time to increase, as well as end the speech at any time by automatically turning off the base. With just one click, the president can release the microphone or cancel the request. ​

With “Connect and Plug” technology, the installation, configuration, maintenance and training processes become much simpler and easier. Bringing significant improvements and more performance to the system.

Features of the PROMIC Microphone System​

transparent, Gooseneck Microfone

Noise elimination - Recording Quality​

Conversations and ambient noise are completely eliminated. This allows for higher quality recordings, making it easier to transcribe meeting minutes.​

Voice Detection​

The Promic system technology, using voice detection (unique in the world), incorporating and integrating audio solution, video equipment, voting and electronic panel. Always striving for practicality and easy handling.​

Integration with PTZ video cameras​

The Promic microphone solution for conferences is the ultimate in conference systems. They have a robust design and technology that allows integration with robotic PTZ video cameras.​

Modern Integrated System​

It offers the president total control of the session, through high-quality microprocessed microphone bases and software for speaker management, speaking requests and time control using a stopwatch. ​

Fewer wires connecting Base to Base​

By connecting microphones to each other, the visual appearance of the environment becomes cleaner, eliminating the need for numerous cables even when connecting a large number of microphones.

Easy Installation of Networked Bases​

connected using RJ45 cables (Ethernet cabling), it is very easy to install the Promic bases. ​

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