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Electronic Panel Management​

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In an era of technological advances, where efficiency and transparency are fundamental to the success of any institution, Promic Control software emerges as an indispensable tool for optimizing electronic panel management in government, corporate and academic sessions. Explore the features, advantages and applications of this versatile and powerful software:

Total Control in Your Hands
On the electronic panel, a series of critical information must be controlled and presented effectively, in addition to the vote itself. Promic Control offers a wide range of features that make session management more efficient and transparent.

Attendance List: Track the presence of participants in an organized and automated way. Know who is in the session in real time.

Timer: Manage time accurately, ensuring each part of the session is conducted according to schedule.

Media Insertion: Enrich your presentation by incorporating videos and images directly into the electronic panel, creating a more engaging and informative environment.

Total Customization: Create bespoke panels to meet the specific needs of each stage of the session. Promic Control allows complete adaptation in accordance with your institution's internal regulations.

Unparalleled Adaptability
Each institution has its own rules and regulations governing sessions and presentations. Promic Control is incredibly flexible and adaptable software designed to accommodate a wide variety of internal regulations. This characteristic is essential to ensure efficient and effective performance of activities.

Regardless of the peculiarities of its internal rules, Promic Control allows you to configure and customize each session.

Your institution does not need to adapt to the software; the software adapts to you.

Editing and Control in Your Hands
Promic Control offers an unparalleled level of control over the information displayed on the electronic panel, video screens or projectors. This means your team has complete autonomy to personalize content, responding to events in real time. The software is truly an extension of your operations.

Simple Editing: Make immediate changes to data, such as the attendance list or timers. Be agile and efficient, without complications.

Content Control: Ensure that only accurate and relevant information is displayed. Transparency and efficiency depend on it.

Real-Time Adaptation: Respond to unexpected situations or new developments quickly and effectively.

Real-Time Data Projection
One of Promic Control's most valuable features is its ability to project data in real time. This not only provides a clear view of information for session participants, but also increases transparency and interactivity.

Real-Time Tracking: Participants can track voting and other essential information in real time, staying up to date and involved.

Public Participation: Open your sessions to the public, allowing them to view real-time data and participate in discussions in a more informed way.

Presence and Identification Highlight
Transparency is the backbone of successful government, corporate or academic sessions. Promic Control simplifies attendance confirmation and participant identification, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Attendance Confirmation: Get an instant view of who is in the session and who is not. This facilitates quorum management and guarantees the validity of decisions made.

Identification of Parliamentarians: Be aware of who is speaking and vote with ease. Promic Control ensures that everyone is properly identified.

Promic Control is a powerful tool that significantly simplifies and improves electronic panel management. Regardless of the type of session or presentation, its adaptability, customization and real-time capabilities make Promic Control a valuable asset for institutions seeking efficiency, transparency and engagement in their activities.

Total control is literally in your hands with Promic Control, delivering a more efficient, informed and engaged session experience for everyone involved. Be in control with the best legislative power solution on the market.​

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